Osseodensification: Optimize the Site, Optimize the Outcome - Canada


Dr. Sara Behmanesh   &    Dr. Omid Kiarash

                        Dr. SaraBehmanesh    Dr. Omid Kiarash                


Osseodensification (Level 1)

Virtual Real-Time Interactive

Hands-On Training  


Osseodensification: Optimize the Site, Optimize the Outcome

(Level 1) Course

Virtual Real-Time Interactive Hands-On Training

This whole-day real-time interactive hands-on training will allow live demonstration and discussions between Dr. Behmanesh and Dr. Kiarash and all participants.

Prior to the course, participants will receive the following from Versah-Canada: 

  • Frozen actual bone specimen (tibia)
  • Densah Bur Training Kit*
  • Simulation Model for Osseodensification protocol exercises (Sinus Lift and Ridge Expansion)
  • Empty irrigation bag*
  • High torque indicator*
  • Demo 5x11.5 implants*
  • Bone dispenser*
  • Drilling tray
  • Bone graft putty material
  • Versah literature

Pre-addressed return shipping label so all items with (*)will be shipped back to Versah-Canada by participant. 


Required Materials from Participants:

  • Surgical implant engine with implant 20:1 contra angle handpiece
  • Irrigation tubing for external irrigation to be connected directly to the handpiece
  • High speed internet (30-60 Mbps is needed)
  • Computer with external and/or built in camera (laptop camera is preferred)
  • Gloves


Course Fees $899 (USD)

CE Credits Hours: Total 7 Hours 

Didactic Scientific learning and Hands-on Practical Training.

The program requires 4 hours of didactic scientific education and clinical case review as well as additional 3 hours of hands-on simulation with actual bone specimens and simulation models. 

This course will teach the scientific evidence of osseodensification and clinical Versatility of Osseodensification utilizing the Densah Bur technology, and will prepare participants for the Osseodensification Advanced Course. 

1-   Osseodensification: The Scientific Evidence

The Biomechanical, Histological, and Clinical long-term evidence of Osseodensification will be reviewed and its clinical significance to every day Implant practice will be presented.

 2-   Present in details the Clinical Versatility of Osseodensification:

Site optimization utilizing the Densah® Bur to increase Implant Total Stability

Densify After Cut (DAC) Protocol.

Lateral Ridge Expansion

Immediate Implant Placement

Guided Expansion Graft Procedures

Sub-Crestal Sinus Autografting, 

Universal Guided Surgery Protocol utilizing the C-guide system

Contraindication for Osseodensification

3-    Review Densifying Reference Guide for all implant system.

4-    Hands-on interactive live practical training: 

Utilizing actual bone specimens and simulation model



9:45am-10:00am: Log in to Zoom Platform with Registration Link

10:00am-12:30pm: Didactic Lecture  

12:30pm-1:20pm: Lunch Break

1:20pm-5:00pm: Osseodensification Clinical Protocols. 

                             Practical Hands-On training :

                            - Actual bone specimen exercise 

                           - Simulation Model exercise

5:00pm-6:00pmComplications and Discussion


  • When

  • Saturday, April 17, 2021
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Eastern Time

  • Where

    Virtual Zoom Platform

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